Bill O’Reilly Visits Daily Show For Good-Humored Chat


After Stewart visited the Fox News headquarters (or, as he calls it, the “Temple of Doom”) last week, Bill O’Reilly stopped by the Daily Show Monday night for a lengthy and more amiable chat with Stewart. The two men came to a “détente” of sorts in their mutual dislike of corruption in the media and Washington, and traded barbs amidst laughter (“I like to scare my kids before bed,” Stewart quipped when revealing he reads the Bible “quite frequently”).

One revelation from the interview was Stewart’s noting that he tried to get an appearance on Glenn Beck’s show to promote his book Earth, but was turned down. O’Reilly’s retort? “They don’t know who you are.” (Beck will no doubt offer his own response to this later in the week.)

Towards the end of the chat, Stewart asked O’Reilly if he’d be willing to come to his Rally to Restore Sanity in Washington D.C., an invitation O’Reilly declined. “You and Colbert don’t want me to come, because if I come, then they’ll be a big crowd, and you won’t get any credit,” O’Reilly said.