Blind Item: Which Goldman Sachs VP Is About to Be Thoroughly Humiliated by His Colleagues?


The one described in the following reality-TV-show pitch sent to Gawker, about a "female player" who is dating four guys at once, including a Maserati-owning "34 year old Asian American VP at Goldman Sachs," who is probably going to be identified and Atomic- wedgied by his colleagues ... oh, right around now.

This is not her type of guy at all. She loves a big black man who's in shape and has a little thug in him. That's all she's ever dated. So why is this guy in the picture? Because he has spent over $50,000 dollars on her in the last 2 months. When she first got here she went to a bar by herself a few times and got hit on by a few people when she went but wouldn't really give them the time of day. One night this guy comes up to her and she was just like fine, and for some reason said yes when he asked her out on a date. When he came to pick her up he picked her up in a Maserati and she said well maybe I can get used to this. They went to dinner at that restaurant in the city that's high in the air and that floor rotates so you can see all of NYC while you eat. He bought 2 $650 bottles of Champagne during dinner. She has still been "talking" to him but has no attraction to him. He has taken her on shopping sprees and whenever she mentions wanting something he usually has it for her the next day. Louis purses, a $6,000 dollar limited edition Coach purse, 2 pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes, the iPhone, Blackberry Torch and Evo and pay for her lines on 2 of them. She has gotten much more than that but there is a picture attached showing a few of the things I mentioned. The crazy thing is that the only thing they've ever done is kiss. Never past that. She has him on a string and only sees him when she feels like it. And she has other guys to worry about. Attached are a couple of pictures of her getting into his car. She came back with over $1,000 worth of clothes and shoes... Her Birthday is September 30 and she sent her sugar daddy a list of 26 things to get her leading up to her birthday. It should be very interesting.

Yes it should!

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