California Governor Race Between Jerry Brown and Bill Clinton Getting Heated


Up until a few days ago we had been under the assumption that former eBay CEO Meg Whitman was running for governor of California against former governor Jerry Brown. The evidence?

— Meg Whitman spent approximately $5 billion on winning the Republican nomination, and is now the GOP candidate.
— Jerry Brown won the Democratic primary, and he is the Democratic candidate in the race.

But in the past few days we’ve started to become very confused, because the only two people in the campaign seem to be Jerry Brown and Bill Clinton. The evidence:

— A slew of ads consisting of Bill Clinton saying unflattering things about Brown (Clinton is looking great these days, by the way).
— Brown retaliating by mocking Clinton for lying about his sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky …
— … then apologizing to Clinton.
— Followed by the discovery of other disparaging comments that Brown made about Clinton.

So at this point, we’re pretty sure that Clinton is now running for governor of California. The weird thing is, he doesn’t even live there.