Carla Bruni Tells the World How Michelle Obama Really Feels About Being FLOTUS: ‘It’s Hell’


Sometimes you get stuck at some awful work function like the red carpet outside a NATO summit, or a state dinner, or the White House drawing room, and, you know, just to keep things interesting, maybe you blab a little too much to the person to your left, even if she is your fashion frenemy. Oh, what the hell, there’s no audio. Hey, that was liberating. I’ve never said that out loud before. Turns out that doesn’t end well if the person to your left is Carla Bruni. Perhaps in an effort to make good on the promise of the title of her new book, Carla and the Ambitious, Bruni reveals that when she asked Michelle Obama to dish about being the FLOTUS last March, Michelle quipped, “Don’t ask! It’s hell. I can’t stand it!” The Democrats were counting on the First Lady as a secret weapon in the midterm elections. Voters seemed to be drawn to her candor, but once it goes through the Republican spin cycle, it could end up sounding ungrateful, or, worst of all, stuck up.

Why would Bruni reveal something said in confidence? Well, neither her husband, Lady Di, nor her husband’s ex-wife escape being undermined in Bruni’s new book. But the dig at Michelle may be another story. A new unauthorized biography of Bruni says Michelle is, “the only one in (Miss Bruni’s) eyes able to dispute the title of the planet’s sexiest and most glamorous first lady”.

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