CNBC Personality Basically Propositions Billionaire On-Air


CNBC is known for being soft on its guests, but Squawk Box host Joe Kernan practically crawled into David Tepper’s lap this morning when the Appaloosa Management founder showed up in his studio. “What was said to you to get you to come on here?” the host of the nationally broadcast business program said, cartoon hearts swelling up in his eyes. “You said I was mysterious, elusive, so I thought I’d come on,” the brass-balled billionaire responded warily. “But I’m a little concerned when you say you have chills when you see me. We’re not going to the men’s room together.” Kernan tittered girlishly. “It’s only in the nicest way,” he said. “I mean, we can talk. How much did you make last year? We can talk.”