Disgruntled Employee Tries to Give Domino’s Pizza Boxes a Crispy Crust


Jamal Thomas, a 24-year-old former Domino’s delivery guy, is accused of setting fire to pizza boxes at two of the chain’s restaurants in the Bronx. The FDNY says Thomas threatened the life of at least one individual and cost Domino’s more than $1 million in building damage and lost business. After Thomas was fired for not following security protocol while training to become an assistant manager — he left a door unlocked while he was getting in a fight outside the store — he would still wear his uniform and visit other branches “claiming to be a member of a secret Domino’s unit that measured employee satisfaction,” said the FDNY. After his arrest, Thomas told authorities, “Domino’s is a terrible place to work.”

Bronx pizza ‘pyro’ [NYP]