Don’t Forget to Vote in ASME and Amazon’s Best Magazine Cover Contest


The American Society of Magazine Editors, along with, just revealed the finalists in their annual Best Cover Contest. The covers come in a variety of categories, from “Funniest” to “Most Controversial” to “Best Vampire Cover.” (That is not a joke. Vote Martha Stewart!) Happily, New York has six covers in contention. Voting is now open to the public, and once winners in each category are declared, there will be a contest to determine Cover of the Year. Go vote for whichever cover is your favorite in each category! And when you get to the sexiest cover category and have to choose between January Jones in an unzipped leather jacket and Christina Hendricks in nothing but a white corset, don’t forget: Some people simply don’t need to be enhanced.

ASME and Amazon’s Best Cover Contest [Amazon]