Earl Weakening, Downgraded to Category 2 Storm [Updated]


Mighty Earl is losing steam. Though the hurricane is still covering a “massive area” and gusting winds up to 105 miles per hour, it is said to be weakening by the hour. The storm has been downgraded Thursday night to a Category 2 hurricane, though the National Hurricane Center said Earl “is expected to remain a large and strong hurricane as it passes near the Outer Banks” of North Carolina. And the storm may still meddle with Labor Day weekend plans, as the East Coast could face at least 24 hours of stormy, windy weather due to Earl’s arrival. [CNN]

Update: The eye of the storm was offshore as Hurricane Earl passed North Carolina. With winds of 105 miles per hour, it’s now headed toward New England and Nova Scotia. It’s on track toward Massachusetts, with the closest pass to the shore expected in Nantucket before it moves up to Canada tomorrow. [Bloomberg]