Lisa Falcone: ‘God Gave Me Something That I’m Better at Than Anyone Else. And That’s Being Me.’


"I'm not changing," the magnificent specimen of human life that is Lisa Falcone tells Bloomberg Businessweek in their new issue. After a difficult childhood growing up in Spanish Harlem and eighteen years of marriage to billionaire hedge fund manager Philip Falcone ("and no prenup"— she points out), "I do what I want." And if what she wants is child-sized adults serving the actual children at her 3-year-olds' birthday party, then that she shall have:

Before they started the renovation of the Guccione mansion, expected to cost $10 million, the Falcones hosted an elaborate third-birthday party there for their twin daughters, Carolina and Liliana. Lisa had muralists paint the walls with The Wizard of Oz scenes and sent out hand-calligraphed invitations, according to two guests. Little people wore uniforms monogrammed with her daughters' initials in green rhinestones.

What? It wasn't like they hired midgets (dwarves?) for no reason. It was on theme. Don't try and take that away from her. Don't take anything away from her.

Lisa Falcone: Entrepreneurial Wall Street Wife [Bloomberg Businessweek]

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