Financial Crisis Leads To Transformative Experience for Lehman Quant


The financial crisis brought change to the lives of many people, usually not of the good kind. But for Adam Garett, a trader for Lehman Brothers, the implosion of his workplace due to its extreme overvaluation of worthless securities provided him with an opportunity to change his life and fulfill his dream of making totally bitchin' anime action-adventure movies. As the filmmaker now known as Guy Orlebar tells Bloomberg of his current project, Future Fighters:

“The idea is to bring Hollywood quality at Asian prices,” said Orlebar, who took a job in April as an equity trading strategist with Mizuho Securities Co. in Tokyo. “We’re trying to make a $30 million movie with $10 million.”

It's like they say: You can take the man out of Lehman Brothers, but you can't take the Lehman Brothers out of the man.

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