Former New York Firefighter Busted for Stalking Madonna


Welcome back to New York, Material Mom! Pop superstar Madonna was hunted down at her home twice in four days by former FDNY man Robert Linhart this week. Linhart, 59, drove his SUV to her street on the Upper West Side and parked it there, attaching homemade signs to the car that called out to the singer. “M. The Universe brought us together in 1992 and again this year in Prague. Meet me, please. XXX,” one of his placards read. The photograph in the Post of Linhart getting arrested (he had a Leatherman and pocketknife in his possession) by a pair of burly cops shows a man who is actually kind of pleased with himself. Maybe all he really wanted was to get manhandled by someone tougher than he was?

Nutjob is crazy for you Madge! [NYP]