Fox News Airs Ad Criticizing News Corp. for First and Last Time


Last month, news of the $1 million donation News Corp. made to the Republican Governors Association was widely picked up and criticized by notables like Jon Stewart (though some have claimed critics are being somewhat hypocritical). Tonight, Fox News aired an ad critical of its parent company from liberal activity group Media Matters. The 30-second ad, played during The O’Reilly Factor, cost the nonprofit organization $35,000 (the group had to “dip into a general fund” to raise the funds after failing to raise enough from supporters).

The ad, which will only air once, may have proved puzzling to viewers, beginning with “And now, a special message about a story that’s not yet been covered on Fox News primetime,” as an image of an American flag is shown. The closing line is pretty to-the-point: “And that’s why News Corp. has donated $1 million to oppose Democratic candidates this November.” Media Matters was forced to change the ad a number of times due to feedback from the network, according to reports. The first ad purported to be a “special message from Fox News,” while the second iteration claimed to be a “message that Fox News’ primetime hosts refuse to tell you.”

Fox News to air ad criticizing parent News Corp [Reuters]
Fox News to air ad criticizing News Corp. [HR]