They’re Taking Down the Newsweek Sign


Jon Meacham’s departure was only the beginning as investor Sidney Harman tries to find a new identity for Newsweek as a more profitable magazine without its defining personalities. K. Ryan Jones, a video producer for Newsweek, took this photo of the disappearing Newsweek sign at the magazine’s soon-to-be-former headquarters on Hudson Street this afternoon. Jones told Intel he couldn’t discuss dates or locations for the move, but he did share that one of the letters from the sign disappeared last week. “I believe it was the ‘W,’ says Jones. “The engineers started taking down the letters themselves today, so we’re not sure what the deal was with last week. They wouldn’t give Sarah [fellow video producer Sarah Frank] the ‘S.’ I think she really wanted to give her apartment the Mary Tyler Moore treatment.” Jones says he’ll be staying on as a video producer once the magazine moves to its new home, adding, “As far as I know.”

[K. Ryan Jones/Tumblr via Mark Coatney]