Paterson Is Against Bullying, For Beating the Crap Out of People


Yesterday, Governor Paterson signed the Dignity for All Students Act, which aims to protect students from bullying by requiring public schools to implement various guidelines and training programs. But at the bill's signing, he reminded everyone that, when talking is ineffective, there's another way people can shut up their tormentors. "As one of the first legally blind students that was allowed into public school," he said according to the Post, "I was a victim of that [bullying] many times."

"One day I got so upset, I took a metal lunch box ... walked right into a classroom, right past the teacher who refused to do anything about it and hit this kid in the face," he said.

His admission prompted wild cheers from the anti-bullying advocates and educators that crowded the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center in Chelsea to see the bill become law.

That's awesome. "Yeah! yeah! Get him! Smash their faces in! Wait, which side are we on, again?"

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