Greta Van Susteren Cancels Bob Woodward Interview After Publisher Won’t Hand Over Book


Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Bob Woodward was set to go on Greta Van Susteren’s On The Record to talk about his new book, Obama’s Wars. Except he expected Greta to interview him without actually letting her read the book, because, presumably, its contents are under tight control. (As in, they’re only being shopped out to Woodward’s own paper, the Washington Post.) Greta, naturally, was unimpressed with this approach. “On The Record at ten is not the Home Shopping Channel — I actually read the books before I do the interview out of respect for the viewers (to do my best job),” she blogged this afternoon. “Out of respect to the authors … and so that the audience does not get played by the author running the content of the interview. So … the interview is cancelled.” In a rare moment of MSNBC backing up Fox News, Rachel Maddow tweets, “Right on Greta!”

just cancelled Bob Woodward interview … [Fox News]