Guy Beats Bunch of Other People for Attorney General Nomination


The Democratic battle royale for the state attorney general nomination (five candidates were on the ballot yesterday) was not exactly the most closely followed race this year — a poll two weeks ago found that more people were mistakenly planning to vote for someone who wasn’t even running than for any individual candidate. But someone had to win, and that person ended up being Times-endorsed Manhattan state senator Eric Schneiderman, who, by the end of the primary campaign, was considered the favorite.

Not Andrew Cuomo’s favorite, mind you — it was assumed that he preferred female Long Islander Kathleen Rice to balance out the ticket. As Jimmy Vielkind earlier wrote at Capitol New York, “How much balance does a guy with a Jewish surname from Manhattan add to a ticket already abundantly equipped to appeal to downstate progressives?” Not a ton! Regardless of Cuomo’s preferences, though, Schneiderman will face off against Staten Island district attorney Dan Donovan on November 2.

Schneiderman to Face Donovan for N.Y. Attorney General [Bloomberg]