Happy-Again Couple Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant Shopping for Townhouses Together


Printing magnate Peter Brant and former supermodel Stephanie Seymour shocked New York’s upper crust Monday when they appeared at court together, hand-in-hand, and called off their spectacular divorce proceedings. Everything was going to be fine, they assured the disgruntled press corps, who were hoping for more fireworks. And as proof, according to “Page Six,” the couple went shopping for townhouses “on both sides of Central Park.”

What a happy-couple thing to do!

Of course, Seymour has been looking for a city apartment for a long time. And, according to “Page Six,” she couldn’t afford on her own the type of unrenovated townhouse that she was looking at with Peter this week. But that makes perfect sense! They want to start afresh in the city that made both of them superstars. It’s definitely not the case that Brant wants to establish Seymour hours away from his children and their palatial Greenwich estate, which sits only a mile or two from the project of his life, the Brant Foundation Art Study Center. That just wouldn’t be in the spirit of eternal love. (Though it would be one way to achieve, as Seymour said on Monday, “Peace.”)

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