Howard Stern Becomes First Celebrity to Admit to a Bedbug Problem


Bedbugs are dastardly creatures, indifferent about whom they attach themselves to, no matter how innocent or how wealthy. But until now, they had the respect, the decency, the sense to stay away from the luminous skin of celebrities. At least, we thought they did, until Howard Stern admitted on his radio show this morning that bedbugs had been found in his office and limousine. If Howard has bedbugs, we realized, other, less forthcoming celebrities must have them, too! Then we suddenly remembered that a couple of years ago at a party we overheard Stephanie Seymour talking about how she had a bedbug problem, but when we asked her about it, all nine feet of her shriveled up into such a tiny, mortified-looking person that we actually took pity and didn’t write about it. Until now, anyway. If the bedbugs don’t care, why should we?

Bedbugs hit Howard Stern’s NYC studios, limousine [NYP]