Relatives and Lawyers Keep Disrupting Hospital-Bedridden Heiress’s Escape From the World


After an investigation into the handling of 104-year-old, hospital-dwelling heiress Huguette Clark’s $500 million fortune, the reclusive Clark’s relatives have asked a court to bar Clark’s lawyer, Wallace Bock, and accountant, Irving Kamsler, from touching any more of her money. Among the questionable cash-spending decisions are Bock’s and Kamsler’s selling of Clark’s $23 million painting and $6 million Stradivarius violin, while allowing $2 million in tax liens to be placed on her empty real-estate properties. Clark’s relatives, all descendants of William Clark, a U.S. senator and one of the richest tycoons in America at the turn of the century, want Huguette to be declared incapacitated so that one of them can be appointed her guardian. But for now, Bock and Kamsler remain in charge of Clark’s finances while the heiress “obsessively collects dolls” from behind hospital doors.

Clark, a onetime socialite, definitely does not want to deal with the family drama headed her way, after twenty years of avoiding people altogether! But it all catches up with you in the end, Huguette. Especially when there are large sums of money involved.

104-year-old heiress’ kin make legal bid to free her from duo’s clutches [NYP]