If Peeing Your Pants Is Cool, Consider This Teacher Who Sells Weapons to Terrorists Miles Davis


A city high school teacher looking for a better-paying gig starting selling weapons to informants who he believed were connected to Hamas and Hezbollah. Theophilus Burroughs also suggested blowing up a police station or a Jewish community center. Pretty hard-core stuff for someone who used to teach music at Stuyvesant High School. Sounds dangerous, like the type of guy who'd rather go down guns blazing than ever be taken alive.

Theophilus Burroughs wet his pants when he was slapped with cuffs at a Bronx warehouse, where he was arrested in a sting operation, law-enforcement sources said. The seats on a van waiting to transport him to the 49th Precinct had to be lined with plastic.

That's definitely not going to help his terrorist street cred.

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