Is Pedro Espada Going to Pull a Hiram Monserrate?


I am not quitting. I have never been a quitter and I am not going to start now,” reads a message on the Facebook page of scandal-soaked Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr., who received a shellacking last night at the hands of Gustavo Rivera, a relatively unknown candidate who won over voters by not being Pedro Espada. You don’t have to quit, Pedro, you have been removed from office. But maybe he’s getting at something else. The Facebook statement echoes another defiant remark he made in his concession speech late last night: “Understand I am not quitting anything. As I go to sleep and wake up reenergized, I am ready for a new fight.” A new fight? Oh, wait … oh no. Is Espada going to refuse to accept that he’s overstayed his welcome with voters, and continue to run for office all the time, and lose, like his coup buddy Hiram Monserrate, who, by the way, was trounced again last night in his bid for a Queens Assembly seat? Possibly.