It Takes the New Sarah Palin Approximately Ten Seconds to Coin a Palinism


Delaware’s GOP Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell is the latest in a string of Sarah Palin–backed miracle candidates this year, and the two conservative, female, and, well, we’ll just say it, attractive politicians are already being compared to one another. That’s just people making lazy, superficial (but probably inevitable) connections, though — after all, Sarah Palin has an entire half-term as governor under her belt. But one real similarity between the two immediately became apparent this morning: their shared knack for saying words that sound sort of real but ultimately are not real.

Sarah Palin’s most infamous, of course, is “refudiate.” We knew what she meant, but still — not a word. Similarly, O’Donnell was on Good Morning America today, responding to Karl Rove’s much-discussed criticism of her last night, when she said this:

Everything that he’s saying is unfactual.”

We know what she meant. But … not a word. Careful, O’Donnell, you keep this up and people will start to take you unseriously.

Christine O’Donnell calls Karl Rove ‘unfactual’ (Video) [Blog Post/WP]