Life Doesn’t Get Better After You Get a Forehead Tattoo


David Jonathan Winkelman was arrested last Thursday in Davenport, Iowa, after failing to appear in court for operating a motor vehicle without the owner’s consent. It was only the latest in a string of disappointments for the 48-year-old. In 2000, Davenport and his stepson got the call letters and logo for KORB, a local radio station, tattooed on their foreheads after a D.J. offered a six-figure payout for any listeners that dared. When the station explained that it was just a stunt, Winkelman sued, claiming that KORB was trying to permanently mark listeners so that they “could be publicly scorned and ridiculed for their greed and lack of common good sense.” Perhaps the public’s reaction to his mugshot will be grounds enough for an appeal on the claim.

Minor Iowa Arrest Makes Headlines [Smoking Gun]