Jamie Dimon’s Stoner-Looking Yearbook Photo, Explained


Last week, something magical happened. The cool breeze that drifted in and relieved us of the summer heat swept us to a land high above Park Avenue and put us face to pillow-lipped face with JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon. "Oh, you got a haircut," we said, like a crazy person idiot stalker. Just before the stars came into our eyes and the angels entirely took over, we managed to squeak out a question about this haunting image from his high-school yearbook, above, the meaning of which has eluded us for ... well, too long. Where was he? What was going on? "It's the top of the mountain in Colorado called Long's Peak," Jamie Dimon said.

Us: "So ... were you having, like, a spiritual experience up there?"

Him: "Nah. I was up there and my friend was there, or it was my brother or something, and I said, 'I'm gonna do a pose.' 14-2-55, that's the altitude. When you go to Colorado, people don't realize you get altitude sickness."

Us:"So you were ... maybe you were hallucinating from the height, or something, and that's why you look kind of, um ... ?"

Him: "No, I was doing fine. "

Us:"So there was no pot, or any ... Of course, you were fine."

Him: "When I climbed Mount Elbert, which is the highest mountain in Colorado, I got sick from the altitude. I still finished it, but right before I left I was sitting there throwing up. I sat and rested for like twenty minutes. It was terrible. But after that I was fine."