Joe Biden Hands Out Hot Dogs, Thanks Bush for ‘Honoring Troops’ on Colbert


In front of an audience of active troops and veterans, Vice-President Biden was the guest on The Colbert Report Wednesday night in a celebration of the end of the combat mission in Iraq. The tone was fairly nonpolitical in its focus on acknowledging the efforts of the men and women who served: “Tonight is for the troops,” Colbert said at the beginning of the broadcast.

Biden was introduced in amusing fashion, revealed to be the dude serving hot dogs to the troops in the audience.

Things got a bit more serious when Biden sat down with Colbert. The vice-president seemed a tad nervous sitting with the host, though he answered his questions about the next chapter in Iraq and the best way for Americans to honor the troops pretty articulately and with a sense of humor. And when Colbert asked about former president Bush’s role, Biden expressed his gratitude to W. While he thanked Bush for certain, specific things, he did make a point of emphasizing their disagreement on policy (a point Colbert entertainingly riffed on).