Joy Behar Will Not Be Receiving A Christmas Card From Carl Paladino


The ladies of The View spent some time discussing politics Monday, devoting a segment to gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino. When the conversation naturally turned to Paladino’s admitted extramarital affair and love child, Joy Behar quipped, “He could win if all his illegitimate children vote.” Never one to just let a jab slide by, Paladino responded to Behar late Monday via his campaign manager in a low blow-laden statement: “Joy Behar should be absolutely ashamed of herself for referring to Carl’s daughter as illegitimate. She’s a child and does not deserve that kind of treatment from a woman who should know better. That’s catty, it’s pissy and strikes of something that someone would say when suffering from a sudden hot flash. The only person here who’s illegitimate is Joy Behar’s hairstylist. Joy is off Carl Paladino’s Christmas card list.”

The Ladies Of “The View” Dissect Carl Paladino On Emails, Love Child [NYDN]