This Weekend, a Bunch of Dudes Got Oiled Up and Went to a Park to Wrestle


Today, the Times tells us about an obscure Punjabi sport that, the paper claims, is growing in popularity here in the city. This is how they describe "Kabbadi," which is like a cross between wrestling and rugby, being played on Sunday afternoon in Cunningham Park in Queens:

"The shirtless men circled and lunged at each other ... One combatant chose an opponent to tag, only to suddenly find himself trapped in an upside-down bear hug and being shaken like a stubborn ketchup bottle ... The men were barefoot and in shorts, their well-muscled torsos shaved and glistening with oil that flashed brute power."

And you thought the two dudes who broke the Guinness Book of World Records title for longest-lasting kiss was the gayest competition you were going to read about today. Where is Cunningham Park, again?

From Afar, a New Kind of Rough-and-Tumble [NYT]