Lady Gaga Takes On John McCain


The most followed person on Twitter, Lady Gaga directed the attention of her some 6.3 million followers to the Arizona senator Thursday night. Gaga has recently made the upcoming Senate vote on the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal her personal cause. She previously encouraged her “little monsters” to call Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to schedule the vote, a movement that was successful and even garnered a response from Reid himself. Now Gaga has lashed out in a flurry of tweets in response to McCain’s attempts to lead a filibuster of the Tuesday vote: “SENATOR JOHN MCCAIN is attempting to stop the DON’T ASK DON’T TELL repeal vote this tuesday, with a filibuster. A Filibuster is a way to obstruct the Senate Floor from discussing or voting on a given LAW, + is essentially a tactic to hijack our debate. All hands on deck Lil Monsters: Key senate vote this Tues. on #DADT repeal. We need 60 senators. Call your senator now.” [Twitter/@ladygaga]