Lourdes Makes Her Public-High-School Debut


Daily Intel heroine Lourdes Leon made a big step yesterday: She attended her first day of high school here in New York City. The budding fashion icon and daughter of Madonna is now attending LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts in Manhattan. Not only did she go to a public school (albeit a sort of alternative one), but she did so wearing a bracelet with a pot-leaf symbol on it and braces, which is about as normal as one could get when one is the daughter of one of the most famous sexpots in the world.

Just by showing up, she’s already ahead of about a quarter of New York City public-school students. Because of a quirk in teacher-training scheduling, along with Labor Day and Rosh Hashanah, there was only one day of school this week. As a result, only 77 percent of kids even showed up at school at all.

Let the drama begin! Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon has fashionable start at LaGuardia High School [NYDN]