Man Face-Plants Into Subway’s Third Rail, Lives


You know how we’re always telling you not to horse around on the subway or train platform, especially when you’re drunk? Here’s another cautionary tale: Forty-four-year-old Andy Morris drunkenly chased a couple of guys off the A train at Broadway Junction on Monday night, only to get surrounded by a group of irritated onlookers on the platform. Without warning, someone from the crowd shoved Morris, causing him to collapse onto the tracks, where he landed face-first on the electrified third rail. “He first started twitching and then you started seeing smoke coming from his head,” said Marlon Probherbs, 23, who assumed he died instantly. “You could smell the flesh burning.” AAAAAAAAAH! SMOKE COMING FROM THE HEAD! As far as images go, that’s second only to fire shooting from the groin! Seriously, people. That’s enough. Do we have to take away your subway drinking privileges? Because we’re not sure we’re going to be able to sleep tonight with that image. (By the way: Yeah, the dude lived.)

Andy Morris survives 625-volt zap after being pushed onto live third rail in drunken brawl [NYDN]