Mayor Bloomberg Robo-Calls to Support Charlie Rangel


They say it takes thirteen charges of ethics violations to really show you who your friends are, and in Charlie Rangel’s case that friend seems to be Michael Bloomberg. First, Bloomberg showed up at Rangel’s birthday party, where others feared to tread. And now Bloomberg’s recorded a phone message to support Rangel in his bid for a 21st term as representative. The robo-calls, which will flood Rangel’s district in Harlem this Sunday, call Rangel the “go-to guy in Washington” and credit him with “bringing $300 million in stimulus funds to protect the jobs of New Yorkers,” as well as “insuring affordable housing for working families” and “working to expand health coverage for all Americans.” The phone calls are expected to be followed by round of pamphlets emblazoned with the logo “Bloomie + Charlie 4Lyfe.”

Mayor Bloomberg’s recorded phone message boosts beleaguered Rangel [NYDN]