McChrystal Article Inquiry Doesn’t Really Solve Anything


The findings of the Army’s investigation into the dismissal of General Stanley McChrystal are in, and … they didn’t really determine anything. The inquiry into the Rolling Stone article that eventually led to McChrystal’s dismissal has found that it was not the general or senior officers on his staff who made the “most egregious comments” in the story. So who was it? Well, the review does not “wholly resolve” that issue. The Times reports that the Army investigation — which has not been released — “points some blame at a mid-level Navy Special Warfare officer” who served as McChrystal’s aide; but that suggestion is based on other people blaming him, as — for whatever reasons — this particular officer wasn’t actually interviewed for the inquiry. Perhaps they could have gotten to the bottom of all of this by pulling the tried-and-true parent method of declaring no one gets dessert after dinner until someone ‘fesses up.

McChrystal Article Inquiry Leaves Questions Open [NYT]