Mike Mayo Knows Exactly What He’s Wearing to Meet Vikram Pandit


Just because he's been hassling the bank for years, most recently about the funky accounting they use to hide their losses and to set financial targets that "encourage short-term excesses over long-term prudence," doesn't mean that analyst Mike Mayo doesn't respect Citigroup. He even has his outfit all picked out for his long-awaited "man to man, eye to eye" meeting with chief executive Vikram Pandit this Friday.

Mr. Mayo already knows what he will be wearing: a dark suit and a tie he bought in Chicago that is blue with some silver strips on the side. “It is a tie even my secretary thinks is too conservative, so I feel it is perfect for this meeting,” he said.

Hell, he's feeling particularly generous — he may even bring some carnations to lay on the grave afterward.

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