Milla Jovovich to Courtney Love: ‘You Want My House? Take It!’


Courtney Love recently told Intel that she coveted Milla Jovovich’s Greenwich Village house. We caught up with Jovovich at Lincoln Center during a tea she hosted for Mercedes-Benz, and asked for an update. “I heard that, too,” the Resident Evil star said. “I was, like, take it!” So, are negotiations taking place? “So far, it’s still mine,” she shrugged. “It’s still on my shoulders.” Jovovich says she loves the house, but isn’t attached to it, and since she doesn’t spend much time in New York, she’d sell it if she could. But she and Love have had some difficulty getting in touch. “She’s been contacting a lot of people, and I thought I gave her my e-mail address through a friend of ours, but I don’t know,” Jovovich said. Oh, the trials of fame and real estate.