Murders and Rapes Are Up Citywide, With Alarming Increases in Certain Neighborhoods


New York City’s overall crime rate may be down 1.5 percent, but the number of murders has climbed 13.2 percent from the same time period last year, with increases of 25.9 percent in Queens, 12.2 percent in Manhattan, and 7.4 percent in Brooklyn. This comes after 2009 reported the fewest number of killings since the NYPD started collecting crime data in 1963. The number of rapes reported is also up by 13.5 percent, with a chilling 45.1 increase in Manhattan. During the first nine months of last year, there were no reported rapes in Central Park; this year there have been seven so far. East New York reported 23 homicides, the most in the city. At the 47th Precinct, in the north Bronx, the number of murders is up 46.2 percent. So much for wondering what it would take to get the number to zero.

Murder rising at alarming rate [NYDN]
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