Natalee Holloway’s Mother Sneaks Into Peruvian Jail to Speak With Joran Van Der Sloot


You know what’s even weirder than the fact that Beth Holloway-Twitty, mother of the missing-and-presumed-dead Natalee Holloway, snuck into a Peruvian prison to talk to Joran van der Sloot? (Van der Sloot has, at various times, been accused of killing Natalee and has claimed to know where her body lies.) This: “Holloway-Twitty spoke to van der Sloot for five minutes this past Wednesday before authorities noticed and told her to leave.” How do you get into a prison, particularly in a foreign country, and just walk up to an inmate for a chat? Is it as easy to get out of a Peruvian prison as it is to get in? Because that does not bode well for college-age girls on spring break everywhere.

Natalee Holloway’s mom sneaks into Peruvian jail, confronts Joran van der Sloot [NYP]