New York City’s New Terror-Detection System Will Not Be Fooled


New York’s “Securing the Cities” program received some added support over the weekend, as Senator Kirsten Gillibrand announced that the city just acquired an additional $18.5 million to fund the 4,500-detector program, bringing the total devoted to the effort up to about $69 million. The program had been the target of some criticism, as analysts wondered how the detectors would be able to distinguish between deadly radioactive bombs and … innocuous things like medical devices. Gillibrand attempted to put those concerns to bed, however, telling reporters that this detection system will be able to weed out false alarms: “New York City has thoroughly mapped the New York City area for background radiation so there is a minimization of false positives,” she said.

Sen. Gillibrand announces another $18.5M for terror detection system that weeds out false alarms [NYDN]