Nicaraguan Diplomat Found in the Bronx With His Throat Slashed


César Antonio Mercado Pavón’s body was discovered in his Bronx apartment this morning with his throat slashed. Pavón, a top Nicaraguan diplomat who had been working as the ambassador’s second-in-command for the past eight years, was just 34 years old. The knife was found next to Pavón, but police have no motive or suspects. Pavón was on his way to the United Nations General Assembly, where the Daily News points out that president Daniel Ortega, a vocal critic of the United States and supporter of North Korea and Iran, was expected to speak. This sounds ripped from the beginning of some Bourne Identity–type conspiracy-laced political thriller, except sad and disturbing since it’s happening in real life.

Nicaraguan diplomat found dead in his Bronx apartment, throat slashed [NYDN]