Now the Witches Are Mad at Christine O’Donnell


After distancing herself from her youthful experimentation with witchcraft by joking “How many of you didn’t hang out with questionable folks in high school?” Christine O’Donnell has, inevitably, upset Wiccans. Reverend Selena Fox, the high priestess and senior minister of the Circle Sanctuary, an organization “dedicated to promoting paganism and nature spirituality,” says O’Donnell is “defaming Wiccans,” adding that “any political candidate that is going to equate witchcraft with Satanism is ill informed and is not likely to get the support of people involved in nature religion.” Luckily for O’Donnell, this is not considered a vital voting bloc in Delaware, or anywhere. Unluckily for O’Donnell, she may be hexed now.

Wiccan Community Upset With O’Donnell, Calls Witchcraft Comments “Teaching Moment” [HuffPo]