Obama Thinks Tea Partiers Worried About the National Debt Should Be Mad at Bush, Old People


The problem that I’ve seen in the debate that’s been taking place and in some of these tea-party events is I think they’re misidentifying, sort of, who the culprits are here. As I said before, we had to take some emergency steps last year, but the majority of economists will tell you that the emergency steps we take are not the problem long-term. The problem, long-term, are the problems I talked about earlier. We’ve had two tax cuts that weren’t paid for, two wars that weren’t paid for, we’ve got a population that’s getting older, we’re all demanding services, but our taxes have actually, substantially, gone down. And so the challenge, I think, for the tea-party movement, is to identify specifically, ‘What would you do?’” —Barack Obama speaking at a televised town-hall event on CNBC this morning.