Obama To Name Elizabeth Warren To Special Advisory Role


In something of a crafty move, the president will name Elizabeth Warren - master of the folksy quip - as a special adviser to help create a new consumer protection agency. Because she is being appointed as an adviser instead of as the head of the bureau, a Senate confirmation hearing for Warren - which would have potentially been contentious and lengthy - will be avoided. In her role, she’ll report directly to Obama and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner as she works to start up the new bureau. If she were nominated as the new agency’s director, she would have to be confirmed for that role, according to a Democratic official. The official title of Warren’s position suggests her e-mail signature will likely be longer than a lot of her actual e-mails: Assistant to the President and Special Adviser to the Secretary of the Treasury on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Sources: Obama to sidestep Senate in appointing Warren
President Obama to This Week Name Elizabeth Warren to Special Advisory Role to White House/Treasury Dept to Form New Consumer Agency [ABC News]