Wall Street 2 Villain Modeled on Bob Rubin


We know everyone was hoping that they could catch up on historical events in a swift, entertaining few hours, like we did with JFK. But Wall Street 2, the the finance industry's most hotly anticipated film since Wild Things, is "not a documentary," director Oliver Stone clarified today. It's not even really a dramatic reenactment, because frankly, the real stuff is a little too complicated. It is, however, based on real-life events and people. For instance, the villain played by Josh Brolin was inspired by several people.

"Bretton James is based a bit on Robert Rubin, who’s really enriched himself. I think he’s the richest ex-Secretary of the Treasury ever. There’s also a bit of Jamie Dimon in him. And if Lloyd Blankfein were handsomer, you could say he’s Josh Brolin."

Well, that's kind of mean. If you're going to basically call someone black in the soul, at least leave their looks out of it.

Gekko Finds His Little Black Heart in New Film: Oliver Stone Interview [Bloomberg]