Park51 Unveils Spiffy New Logo


The proposed Islamic community center which you may have heard a thing or two about is attempting to rebrand itself, unveiling a new website late Tuesday featuring a brand-new logo and a button for making donations (though the button won’t be made “active” until next week). The Journal says the revamp was meant to “clarify the group’s mission and vision and the roles of the various people involved,” though much of the content on the site remains similar to what was there previously. Another goal of the rebranding campaign is to make sure the organization’s Twitter page isn’t confused with any fake Park51 accounts that have popped up. Though considering the primary fake account has the word “parody” plastered all over the place, one would hope the populace would be able to figure it out on their own.

Park51, in New Branding Effort, Revamps Its Website [Metropolis/WSJ]