Pedro Espada Throws $17,000 Check at Fruits and Vegetables


Senator Espada has already established his penchant for throwing money at (or in some cases, not throwing money at) his problems. After the Post revealed that Espada didn’t disclose the cost of his food giveaways (part of a pioneering fruits-for-votes program, no doubt), the senator decided to throw a check instead, albeit to the wrong recipient. His latest campaign-finance report shows he signed off on a $17,000 check to Hunts Point Terminal Market two days after the Post story broke. But a spokeswoman for the market says any monetary transaction related to fruits and vegetables would go through the vendors, not the market. “The Hunts Point produce market is a real-estate entity and is not a seller of produce.” Espada, your lesson here is clear: Never stop throwing money. Just make sure you throw it in the right direction.

Espada went bananas buying fruit [NYP]