Pedro Espada’s Ringtone Is ‘Eye of the Tiger’


Pedro Espada wants you to think he is the underdog. That’s despite the fact that he is a popular incumbent who has provided significant benefits for his constituents while in office, and despite the fact that he has nearly ten times the amount of funding of his primary rival, Gustavo Rivera. According to the Times, he calls his foes “outsiders,” “bullies,” and “limousine liberals.” “They’re ganging up on me,” he whines. “They’re an invading army coming in and leasing someone in the community to do their bidding, and the people of this district see it for what it is.” Poor Pedro! (Let’s not forget that he, also, allegedly doesn’t live in his district.) That’s why his ringtone is the theme from Rocky III, “Eye of the Tiger.” And that’s why at a recent campaign event, he challenged a rowdy audience member to a fistfight. Because he’s the underdog! And that’s what underdogs do.

Critics Root for Espada’s Exit, but He’s Dug In [NYT]