Pretty Much Everything Christine O’Donnell Has Said About Her Education History Is Wrong


Despite claiming for years that she had graduated Fairleigh Dickinson University, Christine O’Donnell only graduated this summer, after completing her final course.

Despite claiming in a lawsuit that she had been taking master’s-degree courses at Princeton University, O’Donnell had never even been accepted there.

Despite claiming that she took a course at Oxford University, O’Donnell had only taken a course by something called the Phoenix Institute in a building rented out by Oxford.

And, most recently, we’ve learned that despite claiming she attended Claremont Graduate University in California, a public-relations official there says that they have “no student or education record for an individual named Christine O’Donnell.” She did, however, receive a fellowship at a conservative think tank named the Claremont Institute.

This is starting to get awkward.