Pretty Much Everything Christine O’Donnell Has Said About Her Education History Is Wrong

Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Despite claiming for years that she had graduated Fairleigh Dickinson University, Christine O'Donnell only graduated this summer, after completing her final course.

Despite claiming in a lawsuit that she had been taking master's-degree courses at Princeton University, O'Donnell had never even been accepted there.

Despite claiming that she took a course at Oxford University, O'Donnell had only taken a course by something called the Phoenix Institute in a building rented out by Oxford.

And, most recently, we've learned that despite claiming she attended Claremont Graduate University in California, a public-relations official there says that they have "no student or education record for an individual named Christine O'Donnell." She did, however, receive a fellowship at a conservative think tank named the Claremont Institute.

This is starting to get awkward.