Updated: Rick Lazio Won’t Play the Spoiler, But Isn’t Overly Fond of Carl Paladino, Either


There are three ways to get your name off of New York State’s ballot after you’re on it. You can die. You can move out of the state. Or you can accept a judicial nomination. It appears that Rick Lazio, who was trounced in the Republican primary for governor by Carl Paladino but presently remains the nominee of the Conservative Party, is about to pick one of those three (we’d guess the judicial-nomination one). Lazio has been facing pressure from Republicans to withdraw from the race, which Paladino has made unexpectedly close (according to some polls, at least), so as not to siphon away crucial Republican support on the popular Conservative Party line. He’s been reluctant, saying as recently as Friday that he wanted to respect the will of the Conservative Party voters who nominated him by remaining in the race. But according to numerous outlets, Lazio has decided to call it quits.

Update: Lazio just held a press conference in which he announced his withdrawal from the race. Far from throwing his weight behind Carl Paladino, however, he expressed misgivings about the GOP nominee. “I look at the two major party candidates and I see flawed individuals — flawed in terms of public character, flawed in terms of commitments to ideas and principles that will bring growth and pride to our great state …. I strongly believe that Andrew Cuomo cannot bring about change, but I remain unconvinced that Carl Paladino will bring the improvement that New Yorkers need, deserve, and want.”

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