Former Employee Says Shaq Took Up Computer Hacking, Threw Evidence in a Lake


Shaquille O’Neal’s talents do not end with basketball. According to a new lawsuit filed by Shaq’s former employee Shawn Darling, O’Neal also seems to be semi-adept at computer hacking. Darling’s lawsuit alleges that in order to cover up numerous affairs while Shaq was married, his former employer hacked into the voice mails and phone systems of Darling and Vanessa Lopez, an alleged mistress also suing O’Neal. Darling’s suit claims that O’Neal used connections in law enforcement to get information about another supposed mistress, Alexis Miller, during a separate legal battle. In order to frame Darling, the suit says, O’Neal conspired with active and retired officers to plant child pornography on Darling’s computer. To cover up the evidence, the suit alleges, Shaq then threw his personal computer in a lake behind his Miami home. No doubt it was a clean shot.

Exclusive: Shaquille O’Neal Accused Of Computer Hacking [Radar]