Sulzberger Family Hires Firm Specializing in ‘Interpersonal and Intergenerational Conflicts’


In the upcoming Vanity Fair, former Wall Street Journal reporter Sarah Ellison writes about the ongoing battle between that paper and its rival, the New York Times. In the excerpt that was just posted online, there are few surprises (it’s mostly Arthur Sulzberger acting goofily aloof and Team Murdoch reacting with scorn, as per usual). But there is this bit:

The Ochs-Sulzbergers have recently begun working with a company called Relative Solutions, which specializes in helping families with money work out interpersonal and intergenerational conflicts. At the moment, the main issue for the Ochs-Sulzbergers is whether they can sustain their loyalty to The New York Times even as the company becomes a financial drain on the inheritance of their children.

See, you forget. It’s not just the nation’s paper of record and one of the foremost sources of democracy-reinforcing investigative journalism in the world that we’re talking about here — it’s also a bunch of kids’ money. Let’s keep that in mind moving forward, shall we?

Rupert Murdoch’s War On The New York Times [VF]