Sympathy for The Zuckerberg: Tech CEOs’ Youthful Indiscretions

It’s okay, Zuckerberg. Intel is here to make everything better. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Like everyone else in America, Intel has seen the trailer for the new Facebook movie, The Social Network. As next week’s New York magazine cover story argues, screenwriter Aaron Sorkin’s depiction of Mark Zuckerberg is liable to polarize audiences. The early word seems to be that it’s as damning as the Facebook CEO feared. Sorkin told the New Yorker this week that Zuckerberg’s celluloid doppelganger “spends the first one hour and fifty-five minutes as an antihero and the last five minutes as a tragic hero.” MediaMemo made it sound even worse. “The film portrays him as an insecure jerk who screws over people and becomes a much-richer insecure jerk.” So Zuckerberg doesn’t care about your privacy and may have dicked over a few friends along the way. He’s not the only CEO to misbehave. In a show of solidarity as the premiere approaches, we’ve compiled a list of other tech wunderkinds and the misdeeds of their youth.